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EUKIT - Knowledge and Innovation for the European Trade Challenges

EUKIT - Knowledge and Innovation for the European Trade Challenges : Events


From blood diamonds to child labour and endangered species, the EU Common Trade Policy has a direct or indirect bearing on a range of highly sensitive topics.

EUKIT is keen to explore these complex realities through a wide spectrum of perspectives, from academic analyses to critical visions by filmmakers and other creators.

With this in mind, EUKIT has teamed up with ESCIUPFilms, ESCI-UPF’s monthly film forum, to widen the project's potential target audience and boost its impact.

Ever since the school was set up, ESCI-UPF has sought to combine robust theoretical education and training with a range of academic activities outside the classroom to give students an all-round, holistic education.

In particular, EUKIT takes a small group of third- and fourth-year students on a study trip to Brussels to learn about the day-to-day business of the EU Common Trade Policy in the making.

These three-day trips combine visits to the main EU decision-making institutions involved in the Common Trade Policy with opportunities to hear from other actors (international corporations, BIAs, NGOs) with organisational interests in this sector of public policy.